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Welcome to CGS (Complete Geological Supply) the new home of Worldwide Geological Supplies!
Established over 40 years, we're now the World's leading supplier geological and mining equipment, tools and supplies. We serve a wide range of customers, including Geologists, Mines, Drillers, Universities and Governments.
Featured Products
CGS UV Resistant 20 Compartment Rock Chip Tray
The CGS 20 compartment rock chip/cutting trays were specifically designed with field use in mind. We have started including UV protection into the plastic to help keep samples protected even if the trays are left out in the elements for long periods of time. Holds 100' of drill cuttings at 5' intervals.

(Item #1020)
Price: $2.44
Aluminum Tags
These 1" x 3.5" aluminum tags are great for use on claim posts.  They come in 2 styles Tack-On or Tie-On.
Price: $28.95 – $32.30
Claim Posts 2" x 2" x 4'
Claim Posts 1.5" x 1.5" x 4' extra-dry wood claim posts are made with a point on one end for piercing the ground with ease. Used for locating claims, survey points or samples. Sold in bundles of 16 stakes (Item #1545).
Price: $25.80
CGS Protexo Cloth Geological Sample Bags
CGS Protexo Cloth Geological Rock and Soil Sample Bags are made of a woven 3.6 oz unfinished poly-cotton material. 

 Sold in quantities of 100
Price: $39.53 – $126.05
CGS Sentry II Geological Rock and Soil Sample Bags
CGS Sentry II Rock Sample Bags are made from spun-bonded polypropylene fabric. Withstands temperatures of 220 degrees Fahrenheit that filters water quickly and retains fine particles. An ideal bag for wet sample collection. 

Sold in quantities of 100.
Price: $36.68 – $135.40
Card Core Box.jpg
Wax impregnated Core Box

The wax impregnated, corrugated core box is ideal to for most climates and drilling conditions. The wax is impregnated into the Kraft paper and will not melt during hot conditions or crack when cold.  

Price: $4.75 – $7.10
Kraft Soil Sample Envelopes with Tin Tie Closure
Kraft Soil Sample Bags are made using the Kraft pulping process resulting in thick paper, making the envelopes strong and ideal for storing geological field specimens and geochemical soil samples (even damp samples). Each bag has an aluminum tin tie closure which can be twisted to seal the bag. Sold in box of 250
and Case of 1250
Price: $38.50 – $65.50
Nupla Rock Pick
This Nupla Prospector's Rock Pick features a yellow fiberglass handle that is said to be 10 times stronger than wood! The fiberglass handle coupled with a 24 oz carbon steel head makes this rock hammer great for everyday use.
Price: $49.80 – $54.95