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Brunton Compro Pocket Transit
Brunton Com-Pro Pocket Transit Professional Compass features a composite material body that makes the ComPro a lighter, more affordable alternative for transit users.
Brunton International Pocket Transit
A topnotch international compass for professionals on the move, the Brunton Pocket Transit International is compact, versatile, and precise.
$319.00 – $429.99
Brunton ADC Summit Atmospheric Data Center
The Brunton ADC Summit atmospheric data center gathers and records all the key weather conditions.
Brunton Non-Magnetic Tripod
The Brunton tripod eliminates any unwanted external movements by allowing you to keep your instrument still for as long as you need.
Brunton Conventional Pocket Transit
Transit Conventional Compass features a traditional design with Alnico II magnets for quick return to magnetic north, as well as V-cut sapphire jewel bearing for smooth movement.
Brunton Axis Pocket Transit Compass
The Brunton Axis Pocket Transit Compass is an innovative compass invented by geologists for easier measurements of planes, lines, bearings, and vertical angles.
Gfeller Leather Pocket Transit Case
The Gfeller Pocket Transit Case is hand-crafted from high quality leather and designed to fit and protect Brunton Pocket Transits.
Brunton TruArc15 Compass

Drawing upon our classic 15TDCL, the all new TruArc™ 15 is upgraded with a full coverage mirror cover for extra protection, and the TruArc™ Global Needle system with Ever-North™ rare earth magnets. The luminous, high-visibility cling lends low-light and night time performance, and the triple clinometers system gives fast and accurate reference information for avalanche safety or earth-science field work.

Gfeller Leather Geo Transit Case
The Gfeller Leather Geo Transit case is designed for use with the Brunton Geo Transits and is made from high quality tan leather treated with neatsfool oil.