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CGS Heavy Sentry Sample Bags
(NEW) CGS Heavy Sentry Sample Bags are made from non-woven 2.35 oz. Polyester which is thicker than the Hubco bags and withstands temperatures up to 325 degrees fahrenheit. Our barcode tags have a unique bag number, and these tags are also made from PE high temperature material so are suitable for use in the drying oven.Excellent for soil, stream sediments and rock chip sampling as well as oil/gas mineral exploration drilling. Sold in Quantities of 100
$38.96 – $135.00
Micro-Por Pe Bag
MICRO POR PE products have the essential combination of properties for a more accurate assay result. Bag failures are significantly reduced. Strong like canvas. Low Dusting - Ore fines are contained in the bag throughout the distribution and handling system.  Sold in bundles of 100.
$163.45 – $349.05
Poly Bags
Heavy-duty polyethylene tube-style lay flat bags are seamless with an industrial strength bottom seal for increased durability. Available in many large sizes and 6 mil or 8 mil thickness. Used for rock chips or drill cuttings. SOLD IN CARTON QUANTITIES
$28.45 – $110.20
Poly Ziptop Bag
Seal top Polyethylene sample bags provide a great way to protect your rocks, fossils and minerals, while in transit or for storage.  The bags come in many weights and sizes, so they are ideal for the storage of most any size and weight of specimens.  Specimen details can be written directly on the bag with a sharpie.Sold in quantities of 100
$34.20 – $130.60
CGS Kraft Tin Tie Soil Sample Envelopes
Kraft Soil Sample Envelopes are made using the Kraft pulping process resulting in thick paper, making the envelopes strong and ideal for storing geological field specimens and geochemical soil samples (even damp samples). Each envelope has an aluminum tin tie closure which can be twisted to seal the bag.Sold in box of 250 and Case of 1250
$40.65 – $64.25
CGS Geochemical Soil Sample Envelopes
These Kraft Geochemical sample envelopes are ideal for use with damp or wet soil samples. Measures 4" x 6" with 1" gusset for expansion. Sold in bundles of 100
CGS 3-1/8" x 5-1/2" Wet/Dry Sample Kraft Coin Envelope
Constructed from durable Kraft paper. Fold-over flap for easy sealing.  For use with dry samples only.  Sold in bundles of 100.  (Item #7722)
Transport Bags
These "rice bags" or "potato sacks" are ideal for hauling filled sample bags. The tough, woven polypropylene material will withstand the abuses of shipping and storage. Sold In Each
$0.62 – $0.67
CGS Super Sack Sample Bags - 35" x 35" x 46"
Super Sacks are ideal for hauling large quantities of filled sample bags. The tough, woven polypropylene material will withstand the abuses of shipping and storage. They feature a 2205 lb weight capacity, four loops for easy loading and transport by forklift, a spout on the bottom and a document pouch on the side (Item #9075).Sold Individually
Sand Bag - 14" x 26"

Sand Bags are 14"x26" and can be filled with sand and used for emergency flood control.  Also useful for holding down pipes, liners, equipment, etc.  Made of tough, woven polypropylene material. (Item #9025)

Sold in Each

CGS Vinyl Coated Wire Ties
Lightweight, vinyl coated wire ties. Sold in Case of 2,000
CGS 6" Black Double Loop Steel Wire Ties- 16 ga.
CGS Wire Ties are Easy to twist and hard to break, Double Loop Wire Ties are made of dead-soft annealed wire. In addition to bar tying, Wire Ties have a variety of uses such as bagging and bundling. Sold in Bundles 100
Bartie Swivel Twister Tool Manual
Wood-handled Swivel Twister designed to quickly and securely twist wire ties. Sold in Each
CGS Bailing Wire
16 gauge galvanized steel wire used for attaching claim vials to posts. Also ideal for emergency repairs. Galvanized coating doesn't dirty hands like uncoated wire.
CGS Plastic Locking Ties
Lightweight plastic tamper resistant locking ties. Sold in bundles of 100. 
$3.09 – $4.99