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Pocket Scriber
Pencil-sized scriber with pocket clip for marking aluminum tags and checking rock hardness. (Item #1600)
Pocket Scriber with Magnet
Pencil-sized scriber with pocket clip and magnet for marking aluminum tags, checking rock hardness, and identifying magnetic materials with ease. (Item #1605)
Pocket Scriber Replacement Tip- Pack of 6
Reversible tungsten carbide tip for use with the Pocket Scriber and Pocket Scriber with Magnet. (#1602)
General Tools 3 Piece Probe Set
This three piece probe set is ideal for probing, cleaning, picking and marking mineral specimens. 
Moh's Hardness Pick Set

Deluxe Hardness Test Kit and Pick Set from Mineralab, featuring top quality picks made of metals and alloys of hardness values equal to 2 through 9 on the Mohs hardness scale.  Unlike picks made from minerals, metal picks can be easily sharpened.

CGS White Streak Plate
The porcelain ceramic tile squares are ideal for mineral identification by scratching the tile with a sample of the mineral and comparing the color to the reference books or known samples. 1" x 1" Sold in sheets of 288 or 2" x 2" sheets of 72.
$21.86 – $30.06
2" x 1.5" x 0.25" Precious Metal Testing Stone
A dark stone, that shows results clearly, on which a needle and item to be tested are rubbed.
X-Acto Retractable Blade Knife
Pencil sized X-Acto retractable blade knife with pocket clip - Great for cutting lightweight material and scratching rocks for hardness testing. (Item #1590)
X-Acto Replacement Blades (2pk)
For use with the X-Acto Retractable Blade Knife - Our Item #1590 (Item #1591).