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Brunton International Pocket Transit

The design for the International Pocket Transit effectively reduces needle "dip" when professionals travel to different hemispheres. (Call us for the special balancing required for absolute precision in distant areas.) Powerful Alnico V magnets are mounted to a polished, cupped sapphire jewel bearing, allowing for smooth needle movement.

Brunton Conventional Pocket Transit
Utilizing a more traditional design, the Conventional uses Alnico ll magnets and a "V" cut sapphire jewel bearing for smooth movement. Conventional suspension offers premium performance when used within a balancing region. Because the body is die cast aluminum, the Conventional is both accurate and durable.
Brunton Compro Pocket Transit

With a body made of composite materials, this Transit is a lighter, more affordable alternative. It incorporates a cast NdFeB rare-earth magnet, precisely balanced on a sapphire bearing, resulting in a powerful magnet, which quickly seeks magnetic north and permits faster readings.

Brunton Non-Magnetic Tripod
Professional instruments reach ultimate accuracy with the stability of this easy-to-use tripod. Non-magnetic materials ensure zero interference. (Item #8300)
Brunton Ball and Socket Mount
Attach the non-magnetic Ball & Socket mount to any pocket transit and tripod or monopod for extremely accurate azimuth and inclination reading. (Item #8310)
Suunto MC-2G Global Compass
The Suunto MC-2 Global professional mirror compass is perfect for taking bearing and normal direction and it has adjustable declination correction scale and a built in clinometer.   (Item #1965)
Silva Ranger 2.0 Compass - Azimuth (0-360 degree)
The advanced Silva Ranger 2.0 Compass offers backcountry adventurers of all types what they want: Precision, accuracy and durability on demanding terrain.Turnable housing for use with the SILVA 1-2-3 System®.Mirror sighting with sighting hole for determining direction over long distances.Night use / luminous markings enable night time navigation up to 4 hours once activated by daylight/flashlight.The red/black North-South lines in the capsule bottom ensures easy and safe settling. The needle is made from finest Swedish steel with high quality magnetic features.Robust material withstands tough treatment and conditions.Magnifying lens for precision map work.
Freiberger Mining Survey Suspension Compass (360 degrees)
The Freiberger Mining Suspension Compass consists of a mine surveying compass, graduated arc, string spool and accessories in plastic case. (Item #1977)
Gfeller Leather Pocket Transit Case
The Gfeller Pocket Transit Case is hand crafted from high quality leather and designed to fit and protect Brunton Pocket Transits. It features a belt loop and has a finger hole in the bottom to allow for easy removal of the transit. (Item #1915)
Suunto Rubber Compass/Clinometer Cover
This rubber cover is designed to fit the KB-14, KB-14 with adjustable declination and KB-77 model compasses as well as Suunto PM Series clinometers. (Item #1985)
Gfeller Leather Geo Transit Case

The Gfeller Leather Geo Transit case is designed for use with the Brunton Geo Transits and is made from high quality tan leather and features a heavy duty snap closure and a hole at the bottom of the case for easy removal of the transit. (Item #7031)

Brunton ADC Summit Atmospheric Data Center
The Brunton ADC Summit Atmospheric Data Center measures the wind speed, checks out the current temperature, and even measures water flow with the push of a button. It is also waterproof and can communicate IR data with a PC using Brunton's ADC Infrared Receiver. (Item #2890)
Brunton ADC Pro Atmospheric Data Center
Brunton's top-of-the-line Atmospheric Data Center - the ACD Pro gathers and records all of the really important weather data into one unit. The ADC Pro has all of the same features as the ACD Summit, plus more! (Item #2889)