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CGS Sand Grain Sizing Folder
The Geological Sand Grain Sizing Folder is a standard comparator chart for accurate and consistent sample description in the Lab, office of field.
Canstrat's Sand Grain Size Comparator
Sand Grain Size Comparator is a translucent plastic business card sized chart millimeter scale. Angularity chart grain sizes in phi scale from -1.0 to +4.0 Micron scale from 62-2000. Very coarse upper to very fine lower.
W.F. McCullough Sand Gauge
Sand Gauge is compact 2-1/2 x 3-1/2". The gauge is loaded with sand specifics.
AGI Data Sheets - Fifth Edition
One of the best-kept secrets in geology is this handy compilation of geological information. The essential reference for geoscientists in the field, office, or lab,The Geoscience Handbook provides quick reference for the key metrics and concepts, as well as short tutorials on subjects that may not be familiar to all geoscientists (Item #8960).
Pocket Reference Book
Over 750 pages of information for students, teachers, engineers, do-it yourselfer's & travelers. Special section on Geology. (Item #9904)
AGI Dictionary of Geological Terms 3rd edition
Third Edition prepared by the American Geological Institute includes hyphenation and pronunciation guide, commonly used abbreviations, many word orgins and a geologic time and life chart. (Item #9986)
USGS Partial Glossary of Spanish Geological Terms
A compilation of Spanish geological and mining terminology compiled by the USGS Center for Inter-American Mineral Resource Investigations.
Geology of the Great Basin

Illustrated with maps, charts and striking photographs, this book prepares the reader with an extensive introductory section on basic geologic concepts and then considers the complex geologic history of the region in a clear and easy style.