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Husqvarna 14 in. Turbo Elite-Cut Blade
Elite-Cut Turbo Saw Blades are developed for intense professional use and provide maximum cutting speed and wear resistance.
$234.30 – $287.00
CGS Premium Core Blade - 14" x 1" - 20mm(Granite/Quartzite)
CGS Premium Diamond Saw Blades are a core saw operator's best friend. They not only cut extremely well using the same technology as the best segmented blades on the market, but they also average at least 1600' of core per blade. Can be used for wet or dry cutting.
Marshalltown Diamond Saw Blade 60 Grit Dressing Stone
Marshalltown Diamond's 60-grit dressing stone is used to expose new cutting surfaces on glazed or dull diamond blades.