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Gilson Universal Porta-Splitter Sample Splitter
The Model SP-2 Porta-Splitter is a durable and easily transported splitter. Perfect for use in the field, labs, warehouses or offices. Accommodates particles from 2" to sand sizes and it is more durable and compact than conventional portable splitters (Item #2001).
Pothier Manual Core Splitter Replacement Core Knife
Replacement knife for manual Core Splitter
Discoverer® Automatic Specific Gravity Weighing

Do you struggle to accurately, quickly, and consistently measure the specific gravity in your core samples?

Many times Geologist & Field Techs have asked us; 'There must be a solution to achieve this, especially with high volumes of core being processed?' So the journey towards innovating, developing, and building an Automatic Specific Gravity (SG) Weighing Station began!

So maybe you are used to a Manual SG station? Whether in a stainless steel tank or as simple as using the site wheelie bin - most of us have been there when it comes to improvising! The real question is how much time are you waiting for the scale to settle and how accurate is your reading after settlement? Our customers have reported this can be up to 1 minute or longer for each reading - we invite you to do the physical test yourself! We'd like to submit to you if you no longer had to wait any prolonged period of 'settling' time and could guarantee accuracy up to 2 decimals places within 2-3 seconds what impact that have on your site financial efficiency and save in your time?

Or maybe you don't do SG measurements in any volume now because it's always been that little bit too hard? If you could achieve this with absolute simplicity what impact could that have on the value of the data you could gain out of your hard-earned core samples? They cost enough to extract we'd submit to you it makes sense to gather as much data as physically possible from what you have.




Discoverer® Manual Specific Gravity Weighing Station

When you give up on the 'backyard' style of trying to weigh bulk density (or relative density) in core over the dust bin, this could be your next upgrade.

Many Exploration Geologists talk about Specific Gravity.

Industry thought leaders are saying it should be fundamentally understood as Bulk Density. This takes into account mining bulk dry or wet tonnes, including cavities, voids, porosity etc.

So however you term it, this is an easy way of achieving the measurements!


The entire unit is constructed from aluminium and the cradle is made from stainless steel, so built to last.

Complete with the rigid weighing arm construction means the scale settle time will be massively sped up.

This is supplied as a complete ready-to-go solution: Scales, Aluminium Water Bath Reservoir & Stainless Steel Core Holding Cradle. Setup and get measuring within minutes.