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The Ez-Logger is a quick reference core logging goniometer, designed to simply measure Alpha & Beta angles and lineations within wireline core structures. It's hardwearing and lightweight design makes logging core a breeze when compared to traditional protractors and goniometers.
$338.54 – $446.23
Core Orientator - Alpha Beta Core Tool
Kenometer core orientation tools, ideal for obtaining alpha and beta angle measurements and readings from core samples
Core Orientation Multi Use Rule and Gage
The Multi-Use Rule and Gage is a popular, pocket-sized tool providing a variety of functions. The tool encompasses five distinct features including a Drill Point Gage, Bevel Protractor, Center Finder, Circle Divider and a Tap and Drill Table. The Multi-Use Rule and Gage is made from heavy-duty stainless steel and also includes a 4” rule with etched graduations in 64ths and millimeters. (Item#1669)
Core Orientation Steel Protractor
Heavy gauge metal won't bend and makes a great cutting guide. Clear embossed markings. Pivot with lock screw. Marked 0 - 180 and 180 - 0 degrees. Rule marked 0 - 10cm Ideal for engineers, craft persons, model makers and more. (Item#1671)
Core Orientator - Goniometer
Provides a quick method for accurate measurements of crystal specimens and solid angles. (Item #7282)
Core Orientator Sheet suit BQ, NQ2, HQ PQ
This tool provides for easy core orientation and
measurement of Beta Angle.
Plastic Angle Finder
The General Tools Angle Protractor is a practical tool for measuring and duplicating difficult angles where a standard protractor cannot fit. The Protractor works on outside, inside, and sloped angles from 0 to 16" degrees. The four-piece design adds additional versatility for measuring particularly difficult angles.(Item #1670).