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Pothier Open Top Core Cutting Holder
Designed exclusively to work with Core Cutting Saws, the Open Top Core cutting Holder allows the core to rest in a stable position for straight, easy cuts.
$400.66 – $460.22
CGS Dressing Stone Diamond saw blade 60 Grit
CGS Dressing Stone 60-grit dressing stone is used to expose new cutting surfaces on glazed or dull diamond blades.

Eagle Core Saw Containment Bin
Core Saw Containment Basin, which is actually designed to hold four 55 gallon drums, is the ideal basin to put  your core saw in to collect any spills while sawing. 
CGS NQ/HQ Wood Core Blocks
Large wood NQ/HQ blocks for marking measured intervals in core boxes.
CGS Red NQ/HQ Core Box Rubber Bands
Flexible 100% natural rubber bands for keeping core boxes closed. Will fit both NQ or HQ core boxes. (Item #3052)
Discoverer Series 2 Plastic Core Markers
Core Markers for sizes PQ, HQ & NQ Discoverer® Core Trays. 
The unique clip in core marker allows you to maximize the use of your core trays by separating the core quickly and easily. The core markers are colour coded to identify specific core size and come with an etched flat surface on the top facing aspect to allow you to record notes permanently. 
$62.54 – $120.88
Discoverer® Series 2 Plastic Core Tray Lids

Lid for Discoverer® Core Trays / Core Boxes - Series 1 & 2 

Customized Discoverer Lid designed to protect your core

Discoverer 2 Core Tray ID Tag
Aluminum Tags specially designed for use with the Discoverer Core Tray.  Slides right into the holder built into the chip tray. Compatible with BQ, HQ, NQ and PQ Discoverer Core Trays. Dimensions 3.54 x 1.57 in (90 x 40 mm). Sold in packages of 100.
Discoverer 2 Core Tray O'Ring / Locking Device
O' Ring / Locking Device for Discoverer Core Trays. Fits, BQ, NQ, HQ, and PQ. Locks your stacks of Discoverer Core Trays for even more stability.