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Core Orientation Multi Use Rule and Gage
The Multi-Use Rule and Gage is a popular, pocket-sized tool providing a variety of functions. The tool encompasses five distinct features including a Drill Point Gage, Bevel Protractor, Center Finder, Circle Divider and a Tap and Drill Table. The Multi-Use Rule and Gage is made from heavy-duty stainless steel and also includes a 4” rule with etched graduations in 64ths and millimeters. (Item#1669)
Core Orientation Steel Protractor
Heavy gauge metal won't bend and makes a great cutting guide. Clear embossed markings. Pivot with lock screw. Marked 0 - 180 and 180 - 0 degrees. Rule marked 0 - 10cm Ideal for engineers, craft persons, model makers and more. (Item#1671)
Core Orientator - Goniometer
Provides a quick method for accurate measurements of crystal specimens and solid angles. (Item #7282)
Core Orientation Device
Sometimes called a “Rocket Launcher” Designed to hold drill core in the same orientation as it was in situ so that all relevant structures can be measured and correctly recorded.
Core Orientator Sheet suit BQ, NQ2, HQ PQ
This tool provides for easy core orientation and
measurement of Beta Angle.
Core Orientator - Alpha Beta Core Tool HQ
HQ Model
The most user friendly device for the measurement of alpha and beta angles in core samples, the kenometer was designed to save you time in your core analysis while still providing you with accurate readings.
Plastic Angle Finder
The General Tools Angle Protractor is a practical tool for measuring and duplicating difficult angles where a standard protractor cannot fit. The Protractor works on outside, inside, and sloped angles from 0 to 16" degrees. The four-piece design adds additional versatility for measuring particularly difficult angles.(Item #1670).