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Meiji 20.5mm Oval Triplet Hand Lens - 10x
The Meiji 20.5mm Oval Triplet Hand Lens offers 10x mangnification and an extra wide 20.5mm field of view. The triplet lenses are fully corrected for spherical and chromatic aberration. Meets diamond grading regulations (Item #7205).
CGS 10x Triplet Hand Lens with LED Lights
This high quality LED triplet 10x hand lens with color correction has a built-in LED light ring and features a 20.5mm lens that is perfect for inspecting mineral specimens and core samples because of the larger field of view. (Item #7101)
Donegan Vantage Series Achromatic Magnifiers
Coated lens systems voids color aberrations. Lenses mounted in beautifully finished chrome-plated brass case. Comes with vinyl carrying case.
$31.95 – $41.40
Donegan Vantage Coddington Hand Lens
Vantage Coddington Lens are an inexpensive high quality alternative for the budget minded individual. Available in a 10x magnification in both 15mm and 23mm diameters and a convenient swing out double lens with a 15x magnification (15mm diameter) and 20x magnification (10mm diameter.) All lenses are mounted in a chrome-plated case.
$12.80 – $20.05
Gfeller Leather Hand Lens Lanyard
The Gfeller Single Ring Lanyard has one 5/8" split ring attachment and is designed to keep your hand lens readily accessible whenever you need it. The neck strap is made from strong, soft garment cowhide. 
$14.03 – $17.50
CGS Premium Sport Cord Handlens Lanyard
The Royal blue Sport Cord Lanyard is a total of 34" long and features a round slider and split ring. It is perfect for keeping your hand lenses easily accessible.
Iwamoto Wide Lens
Iwamoto Achromatic Lens are a high quality magnifier featuring superior optical quality. Available in a 10X and 20X magnification with a 9/16" (15mm) lens diameter. Fully corrected for spherical and chromatic errors through a three glass lens optical system. All lenses have a chrome plated frame with a leather carrying case.
$120.00 – $130.00